On this page you can find a list of the operators covered within the scope of this blog. By clicking on the operator’s name, you will be taken to a page giving information about them such as their operating centre(s) and a list of their registered public bus services. An asterisk (*) next to the operator’s name denotes that their page contains a fleet list.

Bus Operators

This list also includes coach operators that run registered local bus services.

Coach Operators

This list consists of coach operators that do not run local bus routes. Coach operators that also run registered local bus services can be found in the list above.

Former Operators

This list consists of bus and coach operators that have either ceased trading or no longer operate within our coverage area. (B) denotes a bus operator, (C) denotes a coach operator, and (B+C) denotes an operator of both buses and coaches at the time of closure.

Operators that have ceased trading:

Operators that no longer operate locally: