Amendments to 442

Carlone Limited are making some minor amendments to their route 442 timetable from Monday 3rd May, following passenger feedback. I’ve identified the following changes after a quick glance over the current and new timetables.

Staines to Heathrow Terminal 5

  • 0600 journey retimed 10 minutes earlier to 0550, then runs 10 minutes earlier throughout.
  • 0700 journey retimed 10 minutes earlier to 0650, then runs 14 minutes earlier beyond Ashford.
  • 0746 journey which starts at Ashford Hospital projected back to start in Staines at 0745, then runs 7 minutes later than current times between Ashford and Heathrow. This closes a 1hr 50min gap in service from Staines.
  • 1445 journey arrives in Staines 1 minute earlier at 1515.

Heathrow Terminal 5 to Staines

  • 0530 journey retimed 5 minutes earlier to 0525, then reduced journey time between Ashford and Staines giving an 8 minute earlier arrival at 0548.
  • 0630 journey retimed 10 minutes earlier to 0620, then reduced journey time between Ashford and Staines giving a 12 minute earlier arrival at 0644.
  • 0728 journey retimed 13 minutes earlier to 0715, then extends beyond Ashford Hospital to Staines arriving at 0740. This closes a 1hr 43min gap in arrivals at Staines.
  • 0805 journey retimed 3 minutes later to 0808, then revised timings en route to arrive in Staines 1 minute later at 0840.

The new timetable can be found pictured below, or downloaded from the Carlone Limited website.



3 thoughts on “Amendments to 442

    • Hi Matthew. I was comparing the current and new timetables both linked to from the 442 page of your website. The ‘442 Timetable’ button links to a copy of the Surrey County Council one with a 1516 arrival in Staines, while the ‘442 From 03/05/21’ button links to the one pictured here with a 1515 arrival.


      • To be honest we used SCC’s timetable for the website, it’s not the version we registered, I didnt notice they changed it a minuite possibly to save confusion on the RTI displays or it’s an error, so you are correct but it’s a mistake/deliberate error, I thought we were pushing it arriving at 15.15 and leaving at 15.15 let alone leaving 1m before we get there lol

        Hope all is well keep up the good work 👍


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