Stagecoach Update

As previously written about in advance, yesterday saw a number of changes to Stagecoach services across our area. Being a Sunday though, most of the changes will be felt most from today.

Yesterday saw:

  • Extra journeys introduced on the Gold 1 (Aldershot to Old Dean).
  • The doubling of the Sunday frequency from two-hourly up to hourly on route 2 (Farnborough to Camberley).
  • The transfer of the previously two-hourly Camberley to Yateley section of the Sunday route 2 service to the every 90 minute route 3 (Aldershot to Yateley), which previously didn’t run north of Camberley on Sundays.
  • Additional journeys introduced on route 15 (Aldershot to Tices Meadow circular).

The changes taking place from today are bigger…

  • Gold 1 (Aldershot to Old Dean) gets a revised afternoon timetable to improve reliability.
  • Route 2 (Farnborough to Yateley) is increased from half-hourly to every 20 minutes on weekdays between Farnborough and the Hawley Lane Estate (remaining half-hourly on Saturdays over that section), reduced to hourly between Hawley Lane Estate and Camberley all week (which is a halving Mon-Sat but a doubling on Sundays), and withdrawn between Camberley and Yateley completely but replaced by the reintroduction of short workings on route 3. This is bad news for people travelling between Farnborough and Frimley Park Hospital, however Heatherside retains two (admittedly unevenly spaced) buses per hour to all three of Camberley, Farnborough and the hospital thanks to a small diversion to route 11. A positive result of this is Inglewood Avenue seeing a regular bus service once again supplementing the once daily 48, following the 2’s withdrawal along there in recent years. The single 2A journey is withdrawn. As previously mentioned, the Sunday service has been increased to hourly. Services also now depart Kingsmead from Stop B on the other side of the road to the current Stop X.
  • Route 3 (Aldershot to Yateley) is diverted away from Tongham (except one journey departing Aldershot at 15:05), instead running direct along Aldershot Road, as a result taking away Tongham’s link to Frimley Park Hospital. At the northern end though, half-hourly short trips have been reintroduced between Camberley and Yateley to maintain a quarter-hourly frequency over that section, following the curtailment of route 2 at Camberley. The 3A numbered journeys are renumbered as 3. The Sunday service is also extended to replace route 2 between Camberley and Yateley, therefore offering an increased frequency over that section of every 90 minutes instead of every 120 minutes.
  • Routes 4/5 (Aldershot to Farnham) has received minor timetable alterations.
  • Route 7 (Aldershot to Phoenix Green) is cut between Elvetham Heath and Phoenix Green, bar one return shoppers’ trip on weekdays. Hourly shorts, interworked with route 10, run between The Oatsheaf and Elvetham Heath to introduce a half-hourly service over that small section. No journeys serve Fleet railway station anymore, however Reading Buses’ route 7 continues to provide an hourly link between Fleet railway station, the town centre and Hartley Wintney though. Keep reading for details of an event taking place on Friday regarding Fleet’s bus services.
  • Route 9 (Farnborough to Pyestock circular) has the 12:20 round trip withdrawn and remaining journeys altered by five minutes. This is to possibly facilitate a driver’s break so the route can be run with one bus/driver ‘between schools’. I believe it previously interworked with route 10, which has been halved in frequency and no longer fits around the new times.
  • Route 10 (Farnborough to Church Crookham) is reduced to hourly between Farnborough and Fleet Oatsheaf, however hourly shorts (interworked with route 7) maintain a half-hourly frequency between Fleet Oatsheaf and Church Crookham. Keep reading for details of an event taking place on Friday regarding Fleet’s bus services.
  • Route 11 (Farnborough to Paddock Hill) is diverted off The Maultway down Cumberland Road and Inglewood Avenue to maintain two buses per hour between Heatherside and Camberley, Farnborough and Frimley Park Hospital following the cut in the Mon-Sat frequency of route 2. To give a little extra running time to facilitate this, only two weekday commuter time trips in each direction will continue to serve Farnborough Main railway station.
  • Route 13 (Basingstoke to Liphook) is extended to Haslemere via Camelsdale, but halved in frequency south of Alton from hourly to two-hourly. Upon arrival in Alton, the other alternate route 13 services become new route 23 which replaces the curtailed route 18 south of Whitehill to/from Haslemere. The routes interwork at the Haslemere end, with 13 arrivals returning as route 23 and vice versa.
  • Route 14 (Aldershot to North Town) has received minor timetable alterations.
  • Route 15 (Aldershot to Tices Meadow) is increased from every 20 minutes to every 15 minutes on Monday to Saturday daytimes, whilst earlier and later journeys are introduced on Sundays.
  • Route 16 (Aldershot to Shortheath) has a revised timetable with journeys now serving Rowledge in place of route 17.
  • Route 17 (Aldershot to Wrecclesham) has a revised timetable with journeys now withdrawn from Rowledge, replaced by route 16. The 17A number is also dropped, with all journeys now numbered 17.
  • Route 18 (Aldershot to Haslemere) is withdrawn south of Whitehill, replaced between there and Haslemere by new route 23 at a reduced frequency of every two hours. The 18A route number is also dropped, with all journeys now numbered 18.
  • Route 19 (Aldershot to High Lane Estate) has a revised timetable.
  • Route 23 (Alton to Haslemere) is a new service running every two hours Monday to Saturday between Alton and Haslemere. It is formed off and supplements route 13 between Alton and Bordon/Whitehill maintaining an hourly service Basingstoke > Alton > Bordon Whitehill, from where it will run to Haslemere via the withdrawn section of route 18 (via Lindford, Headley, Grayshott, Hindhead and Shottermill). Buses will interwork with extended route 13 (see above for full description). One journey on a Saturday evening that avoids Whitehill is numbered 23X.
  • Route 403 (All Hallows School to Fox Lane) is retimed to run three minutes later throughout in the afternoon.
  • Route 409 (Farnborough 6th Form to Elvetham Heath) has its morning journey retimed to commence eight minutes earlier and terminate at Farnborough 6th Form, rather than Farnborough College of Technology. The Afternoon journey is given extra running time between the college and the Plough & Horses timing point.
  • Route 412 (All Hallows School to Bracknell) has its morning journey from Yorktown via Frimley withdrawn, and the journey from Bracknell is retimed to run four minutes earlier throughout. The single afternoon trip is similarly withdrawn from Frimley and Yorktown, therefore arriving at The Jolly Farmer six minutes earlier and retaining that earlier timing through to Bracknell.
  • Route 618 (Headley Holme School to Hindhead) is replaced by school day variants of new route 23.


Buses in Fleet Event

Following these changes, the ‘Buses in Fleet’ campaign group is holding a public event in Fleet this coming Friday, 22nd February. A Stagecoach bus will be parked outside Boots between 10am and 4pm. There, you can pick up copies of the new timetables and discuss the local bus services. You can find out more information on the group’s website by clicking here.


Optare Solo destroyed by fire

On Saturday morning, 16th February, Stagecoach’s Optare Solo 47739 (former Fleet Buzz 53, MX08 UZL) was destroyed by a fire which also damaged a black Volkswagen Golf on The Maultway, near Camberley, whilst presumably working on route 11. Rushmoor Fire Station tweeted some photos, shown below, and confirmed that thankfully no one was injured.



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