Chobham Changes, Bye Bollards & Woking Woes

Route 73 timetable changes

Falcon Buses‘ route 73 provides an hourly service linking Woking and Chobham. To improve reliability, the operator is retiming some weekday morning and evening journeys from Monday 4th March. Weekday daytime and Saturday journeys are not affected. The new timetable can be found on the Falcon Buses website (click here), however I have outlined the changes in a bit more detail below…

  • 0655 Chobham to Woking retimed to run 10 minutes earlier throughout.
  • 0720 Woking to Chobham retimed to run 10 minutes earlier throughout.
  • School day 0745 Chobham to Woking (via Barnsbury) retimed to depart 10 minutes earlier between Chobham and Woking High Street, to allow extra running time for the section beyond there around Barnsbury and past Kingfield Green (for Woking College). Woking High Street to Barnsbury Estate is reduced from 13 minutes down to 8 mins, Barnsbury to Kingfield Green is increased from 7 minutes up to 15 mins, and Kingfield Green to Woking Railway Station is increased from 10 minutes up to 15 mins.
  • 1615 Kingfield Green (SD) / 1620 Woking to Chobham (SH) journeys are retimed to match on both school days and school holidays. The section between Kingfield Green and Woking Railway Station will still run at the same time and on school days only, but beyond Woking Railway Station buses will depart at 1630 and arrive in Chobham at 1658.
  • 1655 Chobham to Woking will depart 8 minutes later as far as Horsell (Well Lane), then an extra two minutes running time given beyond there to Woking Railway Station.
  • 1720 Woking to Chobham will run 15 minutes later throughout.
  • 1748 Chobham to Woking will run 15 minutes later as far as Horsell (Well Lane), then an extra two minutes running time given beyond there to Woking Railway Station.
  • 1820 Woking to Chobham will run 15 minutes later throughout.
  • 1848 Chobham to Woking will depart 15 minutes later at 1903, still running via Kettlewell Hill rather than Horsell, but arriving only 10 minutes later at 1917 compared with the current 1907.
  • 1915 Woking to Chobham will run 10 minutes later throughout.

Falcon Coaches have also changed their Twitter handle from @FalconCoaches to @FalconBusCoach – existing followers do not need to do anything to continue following the operator.


Knaphill bollards to never rise again

After many years of talking, the bus-only automatic bollards in Knaphill will finally be withdrawn. Designed to only allow buses to cut between Broadway and Redding Way, they have ultimately been pointless as they haven’t worked for a long time (and when they were operational, frequently failed). The link road will be closed from next Monday (18th February) for “between 5 and 6 weeks”, according to the Knaphill Community Facebook group. During this time buses will be unable to serve Redding Way between Knaphill High Street and Sainsbury’s, instead having to travel the length of Broadway, along the A322 Bagshot Road and the western end of Redding Way. Two temporary stops will be put in place – Almond Villas (the new houses along Broadway by the bus bollards junction) and outside 134 Broadway (by a footpath cut-through to the roundabout between the Alexandra Place and Cavell Way bus stops). This diversion will affect the following routes:

  • 28: Woking to Guildford
  • 34: Guildford to Camberley
  • 35: Guildford to Camberley
  • 39A: Woking to Chobham
  • 91: Woking to Knaphill
  • 134: Camberley to Guildford
  • 135: Camberley to Guildford

As part of the works, the entrance to the road from Redding Way will be widened so that buses turning off Redding Way won’t need to swing out into oncoming traffic (which shouldn’t have been too much of an issue until now as officially the road is still ‘Buses Only’, although that is very often ignored!). A ‘road table’ will also be installed opposite The Vyne, and the two car parks opposite merged into one. Campaigners have been actively campaigning to get a zebra crossing installed as part of the plans, but have seemingly been unsuccessful.


More woes for Woking passengers

Also from Monday, it has been announced that road closures will see Woking railway station’s main bus stops on The Broadway (1-6) and the new High Street stop (stop A) unserved “until further notice” due to roadworks. A temporary stop will be set up by the Locke Way junction and bus stands, however passengers who usually board buses at the High Street will be inconvenienced and have to traipse right across town to board their bus. Because buses will be using Locke Way to get out of town, this also means that routes which head out east will also be unable to serve the new Victoria Way ‘Town Quay’ stop (stop B) on their way out of town. This affects the following routes:

  • 48 towards Pirbright Camp
  • 436 towards Weybridge
  • 446 towards Staines
  • 456 towards Staines (except journeys starting from Morrisons)
  • 556 towards Rowtown
  • 856 towards Addlestone



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