February Changes

A number of changes will affect Stagecoach and Arriva services from the 17th and 24th February respectively. I briefly outlined assumptions on our Facebook page, based on the limited information available from today’s Notices & Proceedings publication. Some of the new timetables have now appeared on the Surrey County Council and Traveline websites though, so we can now look at them in a bit more detail. A full write-up will follow once I have a bit more time!

My apologies for the simple formatting and lack of links on this page, but it’s being posted in a bit of a rush using my phone. For timetables, see the Surrey County Council website by clicking here.



1: Aldershot to Old Dean – Revised timetable.

2: Farnborough to Yateley – Will now revert back to running between Farnborough and Camberley only. The route currently runs half-hourly Monday to Saturday, but this will also change. An hourly service will operate over the full length of the route, with shorts between Farnborough and Hawley Lane Estate. This is bad news for passengers traveling to/from Frimley Park Hospital and Heatherside, but does mean an increase in buses to every 20 minutes Farnborough to Hawley Lane Estate on weekdays, and the current half-hourly frequency maintained over that same southern section on Saturdays. Heatherside will retain two buses per hour to/from the hospital and Camberley though, in the form of diverted route 11.

3: Aldershot to Yateley – Revised timetable and routing. Buses will skip Tongham, instead running direct along Aldershot Road. Short journeys will also be re-introduced between Camberley and Yateley to maintain the quarter-hourly frequency over that section, following the changes to route 2.

4/5: Aldershot to Farnham – Revised timetable.

7: Aldershot to Phoenix Green – Continues to run hourly Aldershot to Elvetham Heath, with extra shorts offering a roughly half-hourly service between Fleet and Elvetham Heath. The northern section between Elvetham Heath, Hartley Wintney and Phoenix Green will be reduced to just one weekday shoppers’ return trip.

9: Farnborough Western Circular – 12:20 round trip withdrawn and remaining journeys altered by five minutes. Possibly to facilitate a drivers break so the route can be run with one bus/driver between schools? I believe it currently interworks with route 10, which will be halved in frequency.

10: Farnborough to Church Crookham – Reduced from half-hourly to hourly between Farnborough and Fleet. The resultant short trips between Fleet and Church Crookham interwork with revised route 7.

11: Farnborough to Paddock Hill – Revised timetable including a diversion off the main road between Deepcut and Camberley to additionally serve Heatherside, due to the reduction in route 2’s frequency.

13: Basingstoke to Liphook – Revised timetable which includes an extension to Haslemere via Camelsdale. Route will interwork with new service 23.

14: Aldershot to North Town – Revised timetable.

15: Aldershot to Herons Wood – Revised timetable.

16: Aldershot to Shortheath – Revised timetable, with journeys serving Rowledge in place of route 17.

17: Aldershot to Rowledge – Revised timetable with most journeys withdrawn from Rowledge.

18: Aldershot to Haslemere – Withdrawn between Whitehill and Haslemere, with new route 23 providing a reduced replacement over this section every two hours.

19: Aldershot to High Lane – Revised timetable.

23: Alton to Haslemere – New service running every two hours Monday to Saturday between Alton and Haslemere. Will supplement route 13 between Alton and Bordon/Whitehill, from where it will run to Haslemere via the withdrawn section of route 18 (Lindford, Headley, Grayshott, Hindhead and Shottermill). Buses will interwork with extended route 13.

There are also changes to school routes 403, 409 and 412.



A: Guildford to RSC Hospital – Revised timetable.

B: Guildford to Park Barn – Revised timetable.

C: Guildford to Stoughton – Revised timetable.

3: Guildford to Bellfields – Revised timetable, with the Saturday frequency increased from half-hourly to every 20 minutes to match Safeguard’s new 3s, and journeys retimed to provide a more balanced 10-minute frequency between the two operators’ respective 20 minute frequencies.


3 thoughts on “February Changes

  1. What about cutting the yo yo bus down to every 20mins as you have cut every other service.it will be a nightmare getting from church crook ham to Yateley which takes 2hours .and having to contend with all the school kids .I think they could find another way to save money


    • The Yo-Yo is an incredibly successful service though and must make them a lot of money.
      Unfortunately, a lot of these big cuts are on Hampshire CC supported services, and HCC are not afraid to make big big cuts.


  2. Some pretty severe cuts in there – a few losses from useable hourly services to everyone-finds-another-way-to-travel-you-may-as-well-not-even-run-it two hourly services.

    As you say, the 13 and 23 swap over at Haslemere. The 13 comes in via Camelside and Midhurst Road (unlike any service ever) instead of Shottermill, presumably they need to use deckers due to college loads and so have to avoid Shottermill Bridge? (Missing all the houses in the process.)

    13 to 23 makes sense, down Midhurst Road and straight to the Town Hall stop ready for the 23 (with a few minutes layover). Either a direct left turn or if that’s too tight, turn right and circumnavigate the Town Hall.

    However, the 23 to 13 move is a hard one to work out. The 13 can’t use the Town Hall stop as it’s after the turn for Midhurst Road. Therefore it starts at High Street stop B according to Traveline. (Indeed, the Surrey CC timetable shows it starting at the rail station as a 13 and changing numbers from 23 there).

    It’s timed four minutes from the Rail Station to the High Street. Does anyone know which way it will go? My immediate thought was via Tenners Lane, Bridge Road and West Street. But on checking, West Street junction emerges too far down the High Street!

    Possibly it could do Tanners Lane, over the bridge, top part of Tanners Lane, and Church Lane back to the High Street? But it seems a bit unfriendly for a decker! Also if it does go that way then it’s not tracked to the 19 stop on Church Lane that it would pass.

    Bit of a mystery to me at the moment!


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